Rooms and Beds

Single Bed in Mixed Dorm

Large Mixed Dormitories

We have 2 rooms that are larged mixed dormitories. Each room will have 28 beds (26 single, 2 double) and can accommodate

small dormitories in abc premium hostel

Small Mixed Dormitories

For guests who prefer less noise and slightly more privacy, or if you are coming in small groups and will like the

Doubled Bed in Mixed Dorm

Double Beds

Coming as a couple or will like to share a bed with your friends? We have queen-sized double beds for you! These

Female Exclusive dorms

Female Exclusive Dorms

Ladies!! We know you love your privacy! At ABC Premium Hostel, we have rooms exclusively for females only.Our washrooms are also separated

Single Bed in Mixed Dorm

Single Beds

For solo travellers or guests who wants to have individual beds, we have single beds available in our hostel! Each bed is

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